Why Study in Dubai?

Study in Dubai

Dubai is quickly becoming one of the most popular educational hubs in the world, providing a multicultural environment with a growing foreign population, allowing for an international experience that is essential for pursuing studies abroad. With many international universities having branches located in Dubai, it is an attractive destination for students from all over the world.

Cosmopolitan Culture

Dubai has an extremely high standard of living and is home to millions of people from all over the world, creating a truly cosmopolitan culture. Students in the UAE are exposed to more nationalities than anywhere else in the world, molding them to be truly globalized leaders for the 21st century.

Proximity to India

Dubai is well-connected internationally, and most importantly, is close to India as compared to other preferred destinations for studying abroad. It is only a three-hour flight from India, making it easy and affordable for students to take low-cost flights back home at a moment’s notice.

Affordable and Quality Education

Dubai provides high-quality education at a very reasonable cost compared to many other popular destinations. Dubai further promises comprehensive options to students in terms of courses based on their qualifications.

Combination of East and West (degree)

Students can obtain a recognized foreign university degree (from the US, UK, and more) in Dubai at both the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Interestingly, these degrees are often cheaper compared to studying the same degree in the respective countries.

Safety and Active Lifestyle

Dubai is a safe country with a diverse culture that welcomes students from all over the world. The country offers an active and vibrant lifestyle for adventure lovers with plenty of activities to choose from, such as parasailing, desert safaris, mountaineering, sea tours, and golf courses.

Tax-Free Income and Visa

Dubai offers many career prospects in a range of sectors, including oil and gas, construction, hospitality, and banking, with the added benefit of tax-free income. Dubai also has a hassle-free visa process, and the chances of getting a visa to study in Dubai are very high, making it all the easier for students to pursue their studies.

Intakes and Indian Community

Many institutions have multiple start dates throughout the year, and September is a major intake month in Dubai, offering a wide range of courses. Dubai has a strong network of the Indian community, which makes up a large part of the population. Moreover, Indian students will be excited to learn that the Indian community in Dubai celebrates all the Indian festivals like Diwali, Holi, Navratri, and more.

No Language Barrier

More than 80% of the population, including locals in Dubai, speaks English, making it convenient for foreign students to communicate and interact with the local population.

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